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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 17, 2014 6:25pm-6:31pm EST

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>> your language and culture is so beautiful. do you find your ways to incorporate that into the busy lifestyle of the united states to bring in the language of what we typically call this with the busy united states? >> is hard to bring the language aspect into this. because the way we speak back home, we say certain things like
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that. of course people would look at me very strange as well. but also when i came to the united states and i started school, let's say you have the same sort of model of this and it was very formalize. so when i went to school, even when i learned english i knew how to speak like old english. so when i came to the united states the first time everyone looked at me like i was pretending to be smart, but i wasn't. it's just the way that i learned how to speak english.
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and i just came right off the war and my mother sent me to school and i started in the first day of school most of the people spoke about this and they would say that it's like he went and -- like, and i kept saying, well, maybe we should learn a new way to speak. [laughter] so i got quite worried. and so the whole class looked at me like that. and so in a way i don't think that i will speak in that but i do carry my tradition and my
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mannerisms were teary myself in the way i observe this with the culture and that is so much a part of who i am. and i always tried to do this and if i were to be looking for this, if you have equal rights means that you haven't eaten. and you asked them, have you eaten today? and they say that no, because i haven't had right yet. and so as soon as i encounter this, my mannerism will change. and the body language itself and
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the start making yourself all these expressions and you would do certain things and it wouldn't make you assume the culture. so in our case i will carry that within this. my mannerism everything and everywhere i go. and they asked me where i'm from.
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>> i was just wondering if you could catch us up from the end of a long way gone to now with your personal life and where you spend most of your time. do you have a family and that kind of thing is the next-door country to syria and we know that we are here physically but we haven't yet gotten to this country. and so that is not really how it


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